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European Standard Custom G5125 Vertical Band Sawing Machine

ANTISHI has recently developed a European standard customized G5125 vertical band sawing machine. This non-standard band sawing machine adopts a vertical cross-cutting structure and is mainly used for sawing large metal materials such as copper plates/ingots and aluminum plates/ingots. The raw materials and other aspects are in a leading position in China, and the high-precision sawing effect is realized. It is an ideal equipment for enterprises to cut materials in batches.

In addition, G5125 vertical band sawing machine is controlled by frequency converter, which is easy to adjust; hydraulic oil
Cylinder drive, stepless speed regulating valve to adjust speed, easy to operate. The moving guide rail of the worktable adopts 5 55# linear guide rails, with high guiding precision and flexible operation. The main drive adopts a turbo reducer, which has strong power and reliable performance. High-efficiency, energy-saving, simple-designed circuit, and good space for the electrical box, not only to ensure the
The device has a low failure rate and is easy to maintain and save time. It also has circulating cooling and overload protection.

G5125 vertical band sawing machine has the characteristics of high-speed processing, and the operation is simple and convenient, and the sawing range is wide. Therefore, the vertical band sawing machine is widely used in the sawing processing of various workpieces. To achieve high-speed processing of the band sawing machine, When the operator is using it, pay attention to the fact that the band saw must have a high-speed spindle and feed system, as well as a more flexible lubrication and cooling method. Only when the components are properly matched can the equipment be realized of high-speed machining.

The maintenance of the cleanliness of the hydraulic system of the vertical band saw also requires the production and installation of the hard pipe. The inner and outer surfaces of the material must be kept smooth and smooth. After pickling and phosphating, cleaning, high-pressure air blowing the inner hole, soaking Oil, both ends of the nozzles are wrapped well, and when assembling the oil pipes, pay attention to the ground. If the oil leaks during the test machine, it must be replaced, and must not be repaired on site.

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