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Metal band saw machine oil pump failure, deal with it like this

The internal leakage of the oil pump of the metal band saw is caused by the internal leakage: the volumetric efficiency of the worn internal leakage of the gear pump decreases, and the output power of the oil pump is much lower than the input power. All its losses are converted into heat energy, which will cause the oil pump to overheat.
The wear of the oil pump housing is mainly the wear of the floating shaft sleeve hole. The gear work is affected by the pressure oil. The gear tip is close to the oil pump housing and wears the low pressure cavity part of the pump body.

Another type of wear is the circular wear of the working surface in the housing. This type of wear is mainly caused by the impurity of the added oil, so oil without impurities must be added. The oil seal is worn and the rubber seal is aging. The rubber oil seal of the unloading sheet is deteriorated and loses its elasticity. It loses the sealing and isolation effect on the high pressure oil cavity and the low pressure oil cavity. The oil pressure from the high pressure oil cavity to the low pressure oil cavity is called internal leakage. It reduces the working pressure and flow of the oil pump.

Metal band sawing machine’s oil pump has insufficient oil supply or there is no oil pressure failure. The working device lifts slowly, trembles or cannot be lifted when lifted; there are air bubbles in the oil tank or tubing; when lifted, the hydraulic system makes chirp and chirp sounds. The reasons are as follows:

(1) The oil level is too low; the hydraulic oil is not used according to the season; the hydraulic oil used by the metal band saw machine is too dirty; the oil inlet pipe is seriously blocked by dirt.

(2) The oil seal of the driving gear of the oil pump is damaged, the air enters the hydraulic system of the double-column horizontal band saw machine; the oil pump inlet and outlet joints or the elbow joint-shaped sealing ring are damaged, and the fastening bolts of the elbow joints or the oil inlet and outlet pipe nuts are not damaged. Tighten up, the oil pump leaks internally, and the sealing ring is aging;

(3) The end face of the oil pump or the end faces of the main and driven gear shaft sleeves are worn or scratched, and the unevenness of the end faces of the two shaft sleeves is out of tolerance; the internal leakage of the internal parts of the oil pump is incorrectly assembled;

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