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What should I do if the braking time of the spindle of the CNC lathe is too long?

Spindle start and brake time is too long or no brake
The starting time of the main shaft is too long. Mainly check the performance of the inverter and whether the parameter settings are reasonable. Focus on checking the starting frequency, starting mode and acceleration/deceleration time settings of the inverter, and try to adjust to the best. If there is no brake on the spindle, first check whether the stop mode of the spindle is DC brake and whether the brake time setting is reasonable. If the parameter settings are correct, but still fail to meet the requirements, it may be that the inverter hardware is faulty. How to solve the problem:

Problem details: The spindle inverter was broken, replaced with a new one, and then the problem occurred.
Check whether the problem is the same as described by the user: first check other functions, replace the tool, the cooling pump, and the two shafts move well. Then check the spindle carefully, start the spindle, it runs normally, but the stop time is longer than usual.

Diagnosis: If the spindle motor stops for longer than usual, please check the following:
Step 1: Inverter parameters are incorrect
Step 2: There is an error in the wiring of the brake system
Step 3: The spindle belt slides.
It was found that it should be a parameter problem, and the inverter needs to be replaced.
Step 1-Backup the original inverter parameters.
Step 2-Record the wiring before unloading the inverter.
Step 3- Replace the inverter according to the record.
Step 4-It is recommended to format the parameters before writing the inverter parameters.

After inspection, it was found that the braking time parameter setting was too long, as long as 10 seconds, after changing it to 3 seconds, the CNC lathe machine worked normally again.

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