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How to avoid rusting when the mechanical swing arm drilling machine is out of service for a long time

Continuous processing by specialized equipment ensures excellent basic components. The use of hydraulic pre-selected transmission mechanism can save auxiliary time. The main shaft forward and reverse rotation, parking “brake”, shifting, neutral and other actions are controlled by a handle, making the operation easier and faster. The spindle box, rocker arm, inner and outer columns adopt hydraulically driven diamond block clamping mechanism, which is reliable in clamping. The 16-level spindle speed and feed can optionally be equipped with economical and efficient cutting. The arm guide, the round surface of the outer cylinder, the main shaft, the main shaft sleeve and the inner and outer cylinder revolving raceways are all quenched and lighted, which can maintain the stability of the machine tool accuracy for a long time and extend the service life. There are complete safety protection devices and outer column protection. In terms of structural design and in the manufacturing process, a series of effective measures have also been taken to increase the precision and durability of the machine tool and the service life of the whole machine. The new process coating and the continuously improved appearance show the style of the times.

Hydraulic mechanical radial drilling machine loading and delivery
The lithium on the mechanical radial drill bed comes from organic pollutants, blood fats, proteins, and other salts and lumps attached to the surface. These pollutants begin to destroy the chromium layer on the surface as soon as they come into contact with stainless steel. How to avoid this kind of phenomenon?

The customer purchases the hydraulic mechanical radial drilling machine and ships it
First, check the mechanical radial drilling machine on time for signs of rust, and clean it up in time.
Second, The mechanical radial drilling machine should be used indoors as much as possible, keep the room dry, and do a good job of waterproofing. It is very good not to put it in the open air to cover the wind and sun.

Third, Try to avoid using mechanical radial drilling machines on rainy days or wet seasons. It is also necessary to insist on indoor dry welding, not to be affected by rain, and to be able to cover it with a waterproof jacket if possible.

The mechanical radial drilling machine with contaminants can be effectively removed by the above-mentioned method. The gravel damage caused by the long time will naturally be significant, so it must avoid such problems.

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