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Monthly maintenance tips for sawing machines

Customers who use sawing machines usually require maintenance for their equipment. If there is no protection at all times, a comprehensive maintenance should be ensured once a month. Now I will introduce to you the maintenance mission every month.

1. Check whether the saw blade is perpendicular to the work table, and adjust if necessary to ensure the accuracy of cutting up and down when unloading.

2. Check whether the saw blade is perpendicular to the clamping vise clamped on the saw blade, and adjust if necessary.

3. Check whether the 0 degree mark on the fixed workbench is in line with the scale on the turntable, otherwise, adjust the 0 degree positioning pin and check again. Whether the saw blade is perpendicular to the processing surface, and whether it is perpendicular to the workpiece clamping baffle. This point of view sawing machine is implemented.

4. Check whether the pin positioning is accurate at 45 degrees to the left, and adjust if it is out of adjustment (this point of view sawing machine implementation)

5. Check the condition and orientation of the alloy block and the saw blade stop pin. If it is found to be worn, it needs to be replaced; if the orientation is violated, adjust it if necessary.

6. Check the oil level of the optional cutting control system.

Do not underestimate these operations. If the sawing machine does not get these maintenance, there may be conditions at any time. Whether it is a minor or a major problem, trust is not what the machine tool manager expects to see, so usually pay more attention to it. Extend the life span of the band saw.

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