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CA6140 Ordinary Lathe Machine

CA6140 ordinary lathe is a general-purpose machine tool, which is a horizontal milling machine with a lifting table. The ca6140 is mainly used for single-piece small batch production and tool repair, and can also be used in batch production. It is a traditional product of Sichuan Changzheng Machine Tool Factory. The basic casting of the machine tool has good rigidity and good precision retention. Both the spindle drive and the feed drive use 18-stage gear transmission, which has a wide speed change range, so the machine tool has a wide processing range. The milling machine can use cylindrical milling cutters, end milling cutters, slice milling cutters, angle milling groove cutters and forming milling cutters to process various planes. Processing range; using plugs, plugging can also be completed.

Because CA6140 is a traditional ordinary lathe, the degree of automation is not high, it cannot process complex surfaces, and the work efficiency is low. The machine tool has been used for a long time, and many components of the strong electric control circuit have been aging, and the failure rate is high. The guide rails, sliding screws, and support bearings of the machine tool also have varying degrees of wear. Each feeding system uses a flanged motor with a narrow speed regulation range, and the CA6140 cannot achieve stepless speed regulation. The machining accuracy is far from meeting the requirements.

The modern machinery manufacturing industry is developing towards the direction of low consumption and high efficiency. The design and transformation of CNC machine tools has also become an important direction of industrial development. Through the CNC transformation of machine tools, ordinary machine tools have good machining accuracy and high production efficiency. As a user of machine tool transformation, I hope to have a greater degree of freedom in the selection of software and hardware. As a machine tool manufacturer, facing the rapidly changing demands of the market, machine tools hope to attract customers’ attention by improving the performance of CNC systems and low prices. When enterprises re-introduce equipment, they will encounter a series of situations that interfere with normal production because the CA6140 cannot understand whether the new equipment can meet its processing requirements. The transformation is not the case, the processing capacity of the machine tool can be accurately calculated; in addition, due to years of use, the operator has already understood the characteristics of the machine tool, and the training time in operation and maintenance is short and effective. Once the transformed machine tool is installed, CA6140 full load operation is possible. To sum up, the numerical control transformation of the CA6140 ordinary lathe can expand the processing range of the machine tool, give full play to the processing capacity of the machine tool, and improve the production efficiency of the machine tool.

CNC machine tools are increasingly widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry. The CNC transformation of CA6132A is to make it suitable for automatic processing of the same parts, the process is more concentrated, the production efficiency and processing accuracy are higher, and the complex type can be completed. The processing of noodles reduces the labor intensity of people.

The transformation of the machine tool requires the transformed machine tool to have the following functions.

1) 3-axis linkage can be realized in three directions: longitudinal (X-axis), lateral (Z-axis), and vertical (Y-axis). It can move in the three directions of X, Y and Z at the same time, which can achieve high efficiency, and can achieve relatively high precision for processing curved surfaces and spherical surfaces.

2) The main shaft can realize forward and reverse rotation, automatic control of start-stop system and variable speed adjustment functions. CNC machine tools require the spindle to have a certain speed and speed range, so that different tools, materials and workpieces with different requirements can be used. Compared with ordinary milling machines, the spindle of CNC milling machines is relatively simple in structure, without complicated gearbox transmission, and all or most of the speed changes are realized by the stepless speed regulation of the spindle motor.

3) Set hardware limit protection at the positive and negative limit positions of the X, Y, and z axes. During the movement of the machine tool, the direction of the three axes must be limited to prevent overtravel and cause program errors, and the processing cannot be completed normally.

4) In order to improve the machining accuracy, it is necessary to set the zero reference point. The zero return reference point of the CNC machine tool is an important basis for the CNC to perform the interpolation calculation. To accurately process the profile required by the design program, a zero reference must be available, otherwise the calculation cannot be performed. Generally, the zero point of the machine tool is set at the maximum travel point in the positive direction of the X, Y, and Z axes.

The numerical control transformation does not make a lot of changes to the original machine tool structure, but installs numerical control devices, replaces the motor, and rearranges the electrical cabinets on the basis of the original machine tool structure. Therefore, the distribution of the machine tools after the transformation is not very different from the original machine tools.

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