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Operating Procedures for CNC Grinding Machines

1. The operator can only operate the machine after passing the test and obtain the operation certificate. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine, and must abide by the safety and shift system.

2. The operator must understand and memorize in detail each lubricating part, lubricating method and the type and grade of lubricating oil according to the requirements of the manual of the powerful grinder, and carry out oil supply and maintenance according to the provisions of the grinding machine lubrication chart.

3. Before starting work, you should wear protective equipment as required, check each part of the grinder in detail with reference to the shift record book, and report problems step by step in a timely manner, and you should not drive to work until the abnormality is ruled out.

4. Before starting construction, the following parts of the powerful grinder should be checked:

(1) Whether the oil in the oil pool of the grinding wheel frame has reached the specified oil level.

(2) Adjust whether the belt tightness is appropriate.

(3) Whether the reciprocating motion of the shaking handwheel, worktable and grinding wheel frame is good.

(4) The grinding wheel protective cover and grinding wheel should be firmly installed, in the correct position, and the dust-blocking felt of the worktable guide rail should be in close contact.

(5) Check whether the electrical system (motor, distribution box, safety light, wire, grounding wire) is in good condition, and whether the surrounding environment is clean and free of short circuits.

(6) Check all lubricating parts, sliding surfaces and transmission system, and inject lubricating oil.

(7) Turn on the power supply, start the motor of the oil pump, grinding wheel frame and bedside frame in sequence, and pay attention to the running state. If abnormal shapes and noises are found, the power should be turned off immediately, and the vehicle should not be driven until after inspection and treatment.

(8) Start the grinder, run it idly for 2-3 minutes, and check whether the movement of each part is normal. If the mechanism fails, the bearing is overheated, the oil pressure is insufficient, the grinding wheel oscillates, and the table movement is not stable, etc., the machine should be stopped and cut off the power supply, and measures should be taken to deal with it.

(9) Check whether the motor of the cooling pump is running normally and whether the cooling liquid is smooth.

(10) When installing the grinding wheel, a paper pad of 0, 5~1, 0 mm should be placed between the grinding wheel and the pressure plate, and a special wrench must be used to tighten it evenly.

(11) After the grinding wheel is installed, it should be run with no load for 5 minutes. The operator should avoid the front and confirm that the grinding wheel is running normally before using it.

5. The clamping of the workpiece must meet the regulations. For workpieces whose processing is interrupted for some reason, it must be confirmed that they are in good condition before starting work.

6. When machining the workpiece, the grease, black dirt and dust on the workpiece must be removed in advance; the grinding wheel and grinding amount should be selected reasonably according to the material of the workpiece, and it is strictly forbidden to grind the workpiece blank.

7. When clamping and measuring the workpiece, the grinding wheel must be withdrawn from the workpiece and stopped. When the workpiece and the grinding wheel are not separated, do not stop halfway. When the grinding wheel is close to the workpiece, it is not allowed to use the motor to feed it.

8. When working, it is forbidden for the operator to leave the grinder or to be hosted by others. If it is necessary to leave due to power failure or other reasons, the grinding wheel should be stopped after leaving the workpiece. When restarting the grinder, make sure that there is no abnormality in each part before starting the machine.

9. When the grinder is working, pay attention to the status of each transmission part, such as whether the oil temperature and oil pressure are normal, whether the coolant is poured onto the workpiece smoothly and accurately, whether the temperature of the oil pump and the motor is normal, whether there is any abnormality, abnormal sound, and each operating handle. Whether the position is correct, whether the fastening parts are loose or displaced, etc.

10. It is forbidden to place metal objects on the work surface and painted surface.

11. It is forbidden to knock, disassemble and straighten the workpiece on the work surface and the bed.

12. After an accident occurs on the grinding machine, the site should be maintained, the power supply should be cut off, and it should be reported quickly and handled properly.

13. After the work is completed, the grinding wheel should be withdrawn from the workpiece, the main power supply should be cut off, and each handle should be placed in an empty position to restore the normal state of the grinding machine and do daily maintenance.

14. Carefully fill in the shift record book and other relevant records.

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