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The application and importance of sawing machine guide

Due to the advantages of good cutting accuracy and efficiency, good material utilization, and wide application range, sawing machines are more and more widely used.

In order to ensure the cutting accuracy of the machine tool, the machine tool deflects the band saw blade at an angle of 45° in principle, so that the tension of the saw blade is different across its width, so that sufficient rigidity is obtained on the edge, and there is still a certain toughness in the middle position, so that the saw blade is not easy to break. The deflection of the saw blade of the sawing machine is realized by the guide device of the machine tool parts. The guide device always restricts and controls the position and direction of the saw blade during the cutting process of the saw blade. The three sides of the guide port of the guide device are made of alloy steel to improve its wear resistance.

The determination of the position of the guide device is very important and cannot be ignored. Although there are no clear regulations and requirements in the machine tool qualification certificate and machine tool manufacturing and acceptance technology, whether it is possible to ensure that the band saw blade operates in an ideal position, so that the various bending and alternating stress it is subjected to are reduced to the minimum limit, which not only ensures the cutting of the machine tool Accuracy, and prolong the service life of the band saw blade. The key to the installation of the guide device is to pay attention to and guarantee it in the assembly of the machine tool.

The guiding device also plays an important role in the use of the sawing machine. The precision of the sawing material, the smoothness of the cutting surface, and the speed of the sawing material have a great effect on the guiding device of the sawing machine.

The band saw blade has a downward pressure on the saw frame during the sawing process. Affected by this force, the saw blade will deflect to both sides when sawing the workpiece, and the guide block is to guide the saw blade straight, and there will be friction between the two. , the guide block will be worn for a long time, and the wear amount on the side of the guide block close to the workpiece will be greater. Due to the large grinding force, the distance of the guide block can be adjusted properly after grinding, and the large amount of wear can guide the guide block. Remove the block and smooth the surface.

It is not difficult to see from the above points that the guiding device of the sawing machine is actually very important. Users who often operate the sawing machine should always check the wear condition of the sawing machine guide block. If the guide block is seriously worn, a new guide block should be replaced to prevent the workpiece from being worn out and causing unnecessary loss.

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