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Successful cases of various types of sawing machines application

G4265 gantry sawing machine: gantry structure, stable sawing, high stability, high precision, guide-type descent, stepless speed regulation, sawing machine.

CH300SA automatic angle CNC sawing machine: automatic angle rotation, automatic material feeding, convenient operation, stable sawing.

GZ4240A CNC new upgrade model: enlarged guide head, enlarged motor, saw blade with 41 belts, thickened main drive wheel, more powerful sawing power, sawing large round steel, seamless pipes, optimized profiles, batch sawing.

G4240/60 special sawing machine for rebar: It can cut multiple rebars together, which is more stable. It is compressed before and after, surrounded on all sides, and sawing more efficiently
HY-75NC high-speed circular sawing machine: using alloy circular saw blades, a single blade can saw about 30 square meters, 75 internal circular steel sawing single blade 15 seconds, smooth surface, fast speed, high precision, no need for secondary processing, one time forming.

GW4028Z angle sawing machine: 0-45 degree screw rotation, at 90 degrees, it can saw 600 width, height 280 materials, general sawing square pipe, plate, channel steel, round steel, all applicable, the width of the saw after turning the angle Within 350.

G4230/50 double-column sawing machine: 300mm high and 500mm wide sawing machine, flat up and down, stable, precise, strong power, 45 steel, bearing steel, copper, aluminum and other materials are suitable.

GW4028B Scissor sawing machine: 280mm inner material, round steel, pipe, square tube, small plate can be applied, with quick drop lever, according to sawing directly to the height of the material, automatic sawing, independent operation box, very cost-effective.

G4240/50 double-column sawing machine: sawing 400mm height 500mm width, saw blade specification 34*4650, can saw 400mm inner round steel, pipe and other materials, sawing power is strong, sawing stable.

Special CNC sawing machine for square pipe: large and small wheel design, high efficiency, low saw blade, can saw 500 high and 500 wide, single feeding 500, can be extended, with gantry upper pressure plate.

Bi-metal band saw blades 3505, 4115 provide various specifications of saw blades, bi-metal saw blades, alloy saw blades, 13-67 widths, and wholesale circular saw blades, low price and high quality.

G6528 band sawing machine: 600mm wide, 280mm high sawing machine, using 34*3860 saw blades, optimal for sawing boards.

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