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Precautions for lifting and unpacking of grinder

The wooden box device for the machine tool shall be handled carefully when unpacking to avoid damage to the machine tool. If the machine tool is handled by crane, the machine tool shall be sent to the designated place according to the loading and hoisting method .

When the machine tool is hoisted, its base must be in a horizontal state when the machine tool is raised. The wood block or backing plate under the rope should be very solid and properly placed, so that it will not slip when the steel wire rope is tightened. For caution, first raise the machine tool 100 mm ~ 200 mm above the ground and check whether its suspension is stable. After the machine tool is delivered to the installation site, remove the antirust oil on the metal surface and the rubber pad between the worktable and the electromagnetic suction cup.

In order to prevent the worktable from moving during transportation, pressing plates are installed at both ends of the guide rail of the bed during packing, so that the worktable cannot move longitudinally. Therefore, the worktable can be started only after the inner pressing plate is removed before the machine tool is used.

In addition, the protective plates at both ends of the workbench have been removed during packing, and they must be installed before starting the machine tool.

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