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Precautions For the Use of CNC-D2020 CNC Drilling Machine

1. The CNC-D2020 drill should be packed in a special packing box to avoid vibration and collision.

2. When using, take out the drill from the packing box and install it in the cartridge chuck of the spindle or in the tool magazine for automatic drill replacement. Put it back in the box after use.

3. To measure the diameter of the drill bit, a non-contact measuring instrument such as a tool microscope should be used to avoid the contact between the cutting edge and the mechanical measuring instrument.

4. The CNC-D2020 CNC drilling machine uses the positioning ring. Some CNC drilling machines do not use the positioning ring. If the positioning ring is used, the depth positioning must be accurate during installation. If the positioning ring is not used, the extension length of the drill bit installed on the spindle must be The adjustment should be consistent, and the multi-spindle drilling machine should pay more attention to this point, so that the drilling depth of each spindle should be consistent. If it is inconsistent, it may cause the drill to drill to the table or not be able to drill through the circuit board and cause scrap.

5. Usually, a 40 times stereo microscope can be used to check the wear of the cutting edge of the drill.

6. Always check the concentricity of the spindle and the arrow chuck and the clamping force of the arrow chuck. Poor concentricity will cause small-diameter drills to break and large apertures. Poor clamping force will cause actual problems. The rotation speed does not match the set rotation speed, and the chuck and the drill bit slip.

7. The clamping length of the fixed shank bit on the cartridge head is 4 to 5 times the diameter of the drill shank to be firmly clamped.

8. Always check the spindle presser foot. The contact surface of the presser foot should be horizontal and vertical to the main shaft, so as not to shake, so as to prevent drill breakage and deviation during drilling.

9. The vacuuming effect of CNC-D2020 drilling machine is better. The vacuuming wind can reduce the temperature of the drill bit, and the colleague takes away the dust to reduce friction and generate high temperature.
10. The substrate stacking, including the upper and lower backing plates, should be firmly positioned and leveled in the one-hole-one-slot positioning system on the table of the drilling machine. The use of adhesive tape should prevent the drill bit from sticking to the chips on the tape, causing difficulty in chip removal and drill breakage.

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