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Tips for Buying a CNC Band Sawing Machine

CNC band sawing machine is an intelligent sawing machine. CNC band sawing machines are favored by buyers due to their convenient operation, high performance and high stability. The demand for CNC band sawing machines in modern industry is also increasing. When purchasing companies choose band sawing machines, ANTISHI has summarized the following points.

At this stage, from the point of view of the accuracy of the band sawing machine, the conventional band sawing machine mainly has great advantages in roughing. The CNC sawing machine has great advantages in finishing due to its accuracy. From the aspect of sawing efficiency of sawing machine, it should be said that CNC sawing machine and conventional sawing machine have their own strengths. For materials that do not require high cutting accuracy when sawing a single piece, conventional band sawing machines have less auxiliary time and sensitive operation, which has great advantages. However, in batch sawing, the high precision and high efficiency of the CNC sawing machine can also reduce manual labor and can improve efficiency and ensure quality.

From the economic point of view of the purchasing enterprise, the ordinary precision of a single piece, the conventional band sawing machine has the advantage of sawing.

For high-precision machining, CNC sawing machines have more advantages. Based on the relationship between the conventional band sawing machine and the CNC sawing machine, in order to operate the CNC sawing machine well, the conventional band sawing machine is the foundation, so not only must learn the operating instructions of the sawing machine, but also have a certain basic operating foundation of the conventional band sawing machine.

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