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What causes oil leakage of the sawing machine

There are many kinds of oil leakage problems in sawing machines, and we need to find the source of the problem in order to find an accurate solution.

During the use of sawing machines, vertical sawing machines, angle sawing machines, and band sawing machines, there was a problem of oil leakage from the gearbox. A gearbox with severe oil leakage will not only waste a lot of lubricating oil, but also have a negative impact on the vertical sawing machine itself and the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, and will also affect the development of the operation. What is the cause of oil leakage in the gearbox? We should briefly summarize how we should prevent and deal with the leaking gearbox.

There are three main reasons for gearbox oil leakage:
1.It is because the planning is unreasonable. If the vent hole is not planned or the vent hole is too small, the internal pressure and the external pressure cannot be balanced, resulting in the leakage of lubricating oil.

2.Second, the manufacturing plan fails to meet the requirements, and the accuracy of the joint surface of the box body is not good, which causes the sealing to be not tight and oil leakage occurs.

3.Improper use and maintenance caused multiple blockages, resulting in excessive internal pressure, excessive oil volume, and excessive oil level; the connecting bolts were loose, making the contact surface of the box body not tight.

Ways to prevent gearbox oil leakage:

1.In order to prevent oil leakage, the planning should be improved, and ventilation equipment should be installed on the gearbox survey hole cover and refueling hole cover to ensure that the pressure balance on the surface and the inside of the box is smooth;

2. The processing precision of the joint surface of the forward box body and each cooperation surface to prevent the box body from deforming;

3.Other maintenance operations should be done well, often check and dredge the vent holes, the oil quantity is appropriate, repair the split surface of the box body, and replace it if the deformation is severe;

4. Clean up the oil return tank and tighten the bolts.

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