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Radial drilling machine history introduction

With the development of the new century and ten years, the radial drilling machine industry has ushered in a larger development space, and has become the strong backing of the machine tool industry. If the past decade is a summary, then this year is a new starting point. With the rise of machine tool industry, all kinds of machine tool products have a broader stage. The strength of the machine tool industry also provides a big stage for all kinds of machine tool products to end. Independent innovation to achieve gorgeous turn back The radial drilling machine industry suffered a heavy blow in the sudden financial crisis in 2008. It was this crisis that made Shanghai Antishi Machine Tool Co., Ltd. see the drawbacks of the traditional development mode of enterprises, and strengthened Antishi’s determination to take the brand route. The company focused on building its own brand, speeding up the development and design of new products, and the products independently developed were well received by customers, making a solid step on the road of independent brand. There must be great changes in transformation. In the tide of radial drilling machine enterprise transformation, how should enterprises transform? Enterprises need to think deeply and make deep changes in combination with their own conditions. Antishi Machine Tool realized that the core of enterprise transformation is promotion, which is to move from the current situation to a higher level industrial model. In the process of transformation, Antishi Machine Tool has continuously promoted its product processing capacity, manufacturing equipment and technology, and embarked on a road of intensive development. Be in line with high added value At present, there is still low-price competition among peers in the industry, which disturbs the status quo of the industry. This kind of competition is a kind of harm to the industry, and the final result can only be both losses. Enterprises should start with the connotation and added value of the products themselves to gain the favor of the market, keep up with the high added value, maintain the orderly and healthy living environment of the industry, and lay the strength foundation for the future promotion of products and technologies in the industry. If radial drilling machine enterprises want to make great progress in the strong background of machine tool industry, they generally have to go through the above three steps. Generally speaking, it is still necessary to start from ourselves, strengthen our innovation ability and realize transformation.

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