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Safety Operating Regulations for Surface Grinding Machines

1. Install a new grinding wheel and lightly hit it with a wooden hammer, and start it only after there is no noise. The operator stands by the side of the machine and can only be used after an empty test run for ten minutes without deflection or shaking.

2. When the grinding wheel approaches the workpiece, carefully observe whether the workpiece has protrusions and depressions. During the grinding process, it is necessary to continuously open and adjust the flow of the coolant.

3. When the grinding wheel is quickly approaching the workpiece, it should be turned by hand.

4. Use top-notch workpieces and do not loosen during the grinding process.

5. When replacing the grinding wheel for flat grinding, be careful not to touch the guard of the grinding wheel.

6. The workpiece with small contact area is not easy to be attracted by the magnetic force, so a block must be added.

7. Surface grinding table, pay attention to the end point when using it quickly.

8. If the suction power of the disk is weakened, stop grinding immediately.

9. When the machine tool is running, it is not allowed to suck cutting fluid from the water tank.

10. When the grinding wheel is not completely in a static state, it is not allowed to clean the coolant, wear debris or replace the workpiece.

11. The machine tool should be clean and tidy, and pay special attention to whether the position of the handle and the stroke limit block is correct.

12. Push the wheel box to the flange with light movement, and at the same time put a soft pad that is one-third smaller than the diameter of the wheel.

13. If the grinding wheel is not sharp, it should be repaired with diamond. The feed rate is 0.015~0.02 mm, and it must be sufficiently cooled.

14. The maximum extension of the plane grinding wheel shall not exceed 25mm. The grinding wheel blocks must be parallel.

15. The pressure plate that is re-fastened after the flat grinding wheel wears out one-half of it is not allowed to tilt.

16. The plane workpiece must have a datum surface. If there are spur protrusions, tick and file flat.

17. Choose a cutting fluid suitable for the material of the workpiece.
18. Check the geometry of the center hole when using the top of the workpiece.

19. Special grinding wheels for grinders are not allowed to replace ordinary grinding wheels.

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