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Setting of Sawing Parameters of CNC Band Sawing Machine

ANTISHI is an excellent manufacturer of mechanical sawing equipment. The CNC sawing machine, rotary angle sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine, horizontal band sawing machine and non-standard customized band sawing machine developed by ANTISHI have stable performance, advanced sawing technology and good effect. -After being put on the market, it is well received by users of large and medium-sized enterprises.

The CNC band sawing machine has an advanced CNC control system. It only needs to set and call the servo drive, processing conditions, machine coordinates, operation functions, data transmission, etc. through parameter setting. After the parameter setting is completed, the sawing machine can be The sawing process of the workpiece is carried out by itself, and there is no need to use too much manpower, thus saving a lot of manpower for the enterprise.

Because the sawing situation of the CNC band sawing machine is controlled by parameters, once the parameters are set incorrectly, the work of the CNC sawing machine and the CNC system will fail, which will affect the entire various strokes. Therefore, the operator is using the CNC band sawing machine. When – – must pay special attention, the parameter setting should be reasonable according to the sawing situation, otherwise it will bring great losses to the enterprise.

The fully automatic CNC band sawing machine produced by ANTISHI can be suitable for mass production of continuous sawing, and its reasonable structure of double-column structure or gantry structure effectively ensures the stability of the band sawing machine during the sawing process, so that the sawing quality of the workpiece is improved. Effective guarantee.

In addition, the CNC band sawing machine adopts an advanced PLC control system, which makes the feeding control accurate and the operation safe and easy. It can also set one or several groups of data for continuous cutting, which greatly improves the production efficiency; the advanced color touch screen operation of the band sawing machine makes people The machine interface replaces the traditional button control panel, which effectively simplifies the operation process and brings greater convenience to the operator.

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