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The Importance of Spindles to CNC Machine Tools

CNC lathe spindle parts not only need to meet the high-definition requirements in the finishing process, but also have the cutting ability in the rough machining process. At the same time, the spindle components of CNC machine tools should have high dynamic and static stiffness and thermal deformation resistance.

The requirements for the spindle of CNC lathes are introduced below:

1.Long-term precision durability: Spindle precision durability refers to the ability of the spindle to maintain the original manufacturing precision for a long time. CNC lathes are expensive. In order to speed up the return on investment of CNC lathes, the operating rate of CNC lathes is relatively high. At the same time, it is hoped to prolong the service life and reduce the number of maintenance, which requires the CNC machine tool spindle components to have good precision and durability.

2.High enough rigidity: CNC lathes usually use high-speed cutting during operation, which requires the spindle assembly to have high rigidity, otherwise the spindle will produce large elastic deformation under the action of external force, which will cause vibration and vibration. It affects the precision and surface roughness of machined parts.

3.Strong thermal stability: The thermal stability of the spindle assembly refers to the ability of the spindle assembly to resist changes in shape and position caused by heat. During the operation of the CNC lathe, due to friction, oil stirring and other reasons, heat will be generated, resulting in the temperature imbalance of the main shaft parts, which will lead to the temperature imbalance of the main shaft parts, and the deformation will affect the shape and direction of the main shaft parts, and then affect the machining accuracy.

4.High accuracy of reversal: The same rotational accuracy as the spindle components of CNC machine tools, refers to the no load, in the front of the spindle on the workpiece, fixtures or tool positioning surface with a percentage meter measured radial runout, low speed and axial runout. Its height directly affects the geometric accuracy and surface quality of machined parts. Therefore, the reversal accuracy of CNC lathe spindle parts is high.

5.Good anti-seismic ability: The anti-seismic ability of the spindle components of CNC lathe refers to the ability of the spindle components to resist vibration and maintain balanced operation during CNC machining. If the CNC lathe vibrates, it will affect the surface quality of the workpiece, the durability of the tool, and the life of the spindle bearing. It will also generate noise and affect the working environment.


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