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Shaping Machine BC6063

Technical Parameter

Specifications Units BC6063
Maximum shaping length mm 630
Max.range of the horizontal movement of the table mm 385
Max.distance between he ram bottom and table mm 630
Max.length of the vertical movement of table mm 360
Dimension of table top(L*W) mm 630X400
Travel of tool head mm 120
Number of ram strokes per minute Times/min 14,20,28,40,56,80
Swivel of tool head ° ±60°
Maximum size of tool shank(W*T) mm 20X30
Range of table feed Horizontal 12 steps mm 0.2-2.5 12 steps
vertical 12 steps mm 0.08-1.00 12 steps
Width of the T-slot for center positioning mm 18
Main motor power KW 3
Overall dimension(L*W*H) mm 2000X1300X1550
N.w./G.W kg 1760

Equipment Introduction

The ram carries the planer for a horizontal and straight line re-movement, the tool holder can rotate an angle in the vertical plane, and can be fed manually. Slots and dovetails, etc., can also be used to machine formed surfaces such as turbine blades. The ram and sliding seat can also move on the bed (horizontal) or column (vertical), which is suitable for planing the local plane of extra-large workpieces. The workpiece that has been fixed on the working platform of the machine tool is cut with a tool that moves back and forth.

Standard Parts

NO. Name Quantity
1 BC6063 Shaping Machine 1Set
2 Guard plate 1 piece
3 Disc pad 1 piece
4 V-belt 4 pieces
5 5mm and 6mm Allen key 1Set
6 Change gear 1 piece
7 Rocker 1 piece
8 24mm and 30mmwrench 1Set
9 Steady rest 1 piece
10 Oil gun 1 piece
11 Foot blot 4sets
12 Adjust the horn 1Set

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