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Slant-bed Body CNC Machine TCK50A/500

Technical Parameter

Specifications Unit TCK50A/500
Max. rotary diameter on the bed mm Φ560
Max. swing diameter on the slip board mm Φ260
Distance between centers mm 500
Max. disc processing diameter Φ400
Max. turning length mm 500
Spindle end type A2-6
Spindle through hole diameter mm Φ66
The rod material path mm Φ55
Oil hydraulic chuck mm 10 Inch
Through-hole diameter of Hydraulic clamping rod mm Φ55
Guide track form linear guide rail
The cone aperture of the spindle No Metric system: 70 1:20
Spindle limit speed rpm 3000rpm
Tail seat sleeve diameter mm 70
Taper of inside hole of tail seat sleeve No Moss 5 #
Tail seat sleeve trip mm 80
Tail seat form hydraulic pressure
Turret post 12 position
The Tool square size mm 2525´1114 Æ40
Silk bar model X direction 3210
Z direction 4010
Guide rail model X direction RGH35CA 2R680
Z direction RGH35CA 2R1120
X / Z motor torque N.M 7.5/10
X / Z fast speed m/min 18/18
X axis travel mm 240
Z axis travel mm 540
Mini. setting unit mm 0.0001
Power of main motor KW 11
Total power supply KW 18
Machine tool net weight Kg 3000
Overall dimension (L*W*H) mm 2700*2000*2000
Periodic axial movement of the main axis mm 0.005
Spindle chuck positions the radial beating of the cone surface mm 0.005
Positional accuracy Repeat positioning accuracy A ±0.005
Diameter consistency 0.01/150
Flatness 0.025/φ300
Threaded pitch product error mm 0.010/100
Surface roughness Ra Ra1.6μm

Equipment Introduction

The TCK50Acan process cylindrical surface, cone surface, circular arc surface, cut slot and cut off, and can also process the direct thread, taper thread and so on.
The TCK50AHeavy duty Horizontal metal working turning cnc lathe machine the traditional horizontal lathe layout and the overall design.CNC lathe driven by microcomputer control and servo motor.
Characterized by easy operation, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, high accuracy and low noise.
The spindle, brake and translocation tool holder of the servo motor, the lathe by sending and receiving signals.
The independent main axis can control the variable frequency motor speed to be infinitely variable speed by inverter, and the feed speed can be arbitrarily set, thus realizing automatic processing controlled by microcomputer.
Spindle adopts high precision rolling bearings, high precision rotary plate aspect to adopt high precision ball screw transmission, good dynamic performance, precision positioning.
The machine tool guide with wear-resistant cast iron and after the audio quenching, the hardness of the HRC45 above, can ensure the long-term stability of processing accuracy.
High rigidity pedestal and  wider lay board are suitable for heavy cutting
The TCK50Acan be operated automatically and manually, with semi-automatic control of knife, tool compensation and gap compensation, equipped with hardware, software limit and other functions.
The lathe can be used to increase hydraulic chuck, and other numerical control system according to user’s requirements.
These series lathes operate on power supply of different voltages (220V,380V,420V) and different frequencies (50HZ,60HZ).

Standard Equipment

Name Specifications Quantity Manufacturers
Control system 980TDi 1 set GSK
Spindle motor 11KW 1 set CTB
Spindle unit 200-282/5-3V 1 set GSK
main shaft bearing NN3020K+MTM100/ NN3018K Each 1 set Harbin
Guide rail X direction RGH35CA 2R680/725 1 set HIWIN&PMI
Z direction RGH35CA 2R1040/1120/1515 Each 1 set HIWIN&PMI
Ball screw X direction 3210/703 1 set HIWIN&PMI
Z direction 4010/965/1052/1429 Each 1 set HIWIN&PMI
The bar bearing 25TAC62/30TAC62 Each 2 sets NSK
DOTA TX -200-8T/TCS-100-8T 1 set Taiwan, China
Automatic lubrication installation RBCLB-3ZK 1 set ANTISHI
Cooling pump 180W 1 set ANTISHI
Hydraulic pressure station 1.5kw 1 set ANTISHI
Oil chuck KT 0-3/A2-6;KT 0-3/A2-8 1 set ANTISHI
Plambing machine Chain plate type (optional) 1 set ANTISHI

List of Documents

No Name Quantity
1 Packing list 1
2 Certificate of conformity

(including accuracy inspection list)

3 Operating instruction 1
4 CNC system instructions 1
5 Electric knife holder manual 1
6 Frequency converter instruction manual 1
7 Motor instruction manual 1
8 Drive instruction manual 1
9 Oil pump instruction manual 1

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