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Grinding technology characteristics of surface grinder

1. Practicality

The system not only completes the useful processing of high-speed fine grinding metadata and data resources, but also basically meets the needs of data users in functional design, and truly completes the useful sharing and scientific processing of data.

2. Completeness

The system covers all areas of grinding technology research and application, and touches on data, technology, methods, equipment, specifications, safety and other aspects.

3. Advanced

The system contains some experimental data of the latest scientific and technological achievements in recent years, which represents the new trend of the world’s grinding technology development.

4. Operability

Because the system adopts distributed cross-channel development with B/S structure, the system has no special requirements for the user’s operating system and related hardware configuration, and the user does not need to install any client programs, as long as it has an environment connected to the Internet and a browser is installed. use. The system has a friendly interactive interface and clear link navigation. The user is easy to learn and understand, and the operation is simple and sensitive. According to the system interface prompts, the user can complete the corresponding operation without special training.

5. Reliability

All data provided in the database is scientific data that has been reviewed and verified by experts in the technical field in strict accordance with metadata specifications and data sharing quality processing methods and requirements.

6. Scalability

The system uses layered modular development, which has good cross-channel and expandability. On the existing basis, further functional development and expansion can be carried out according to the provided secondary development interface, and users can sensitively customize each New functional modules and interface styles.

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