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Common models and specifications of band saw blades

1. Common bimetal band saw blade specifications: 3035*27*0.9*R4/3
3035=Band saw blade length 3035mm
27=Band saw blade width 27mm
0.9=The thickness of the band saw blade is 0.9mm
R4/3=The tooth profile of the band saw blade is 4/3 (1 inch 4 teeth + 1 inch 3 teeth).

2. At present, the common basic section model of bimetallic band saw blade (mm):
13 width * 0.65 thickness;
19 width * 0.65 thickness;
19 width * 0.90 thickness;
27 wide*0.90 thick;
34 wide*1.10 thick;
41 width*1.30 thickness;
54 wide*1.60 thick;
67 wide*1.60 thick;
80 wide*1.60 thick
The length of the saw blade depends on the size of the sawing machine!

2. Common pitches are: 2/3, 3/4, 4/6, 5/8, 6/10, 8-12, 1.5T-1.9T, 1.1T-14T

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