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How to adjust the reaming with a radial drilling machine to be fast and good?

The radial drilling machine is divided into two structural forms: heavy and light. The drilling and reaming of various plates that can be entered by the drilling machine requires certain skills and adjustment methods to be used in the use of this large-scale drilling equipment. How to improve the reaming speed and quality? Let’s learn together Down.

Reaming on a rocker drill should be similar to reaming on a lathe. One is the rotation of the reamer and the other is the rotation of the workpiece. If the workpiece you are processing is cast iron, ream the hole directly, and reduce the speed to 30~50 Turn left and right and feed faster to save the reamer. If it is 45# steel, it is necessary to add cooling lubricant, and the speed does not change, and the feed is slow.

According to the configuration of the drilling machine, there are two types of speed change: hydraulic type and mechanical type. Among them, the mechanical design is simple and cost-effective, and it is suitable for general occasions. The hydraulic speed change can be applied to different speeds, which is convenient to adjust the process, and is the configuration of the middle and high-end products.

Precautions for the use of radial drill
In the process of use, pay attention to locking the drilling machine, try to lower the bed as far as possible, do not use the old reducing sleeve, it is better to use the new one. This ensures reaming accuracy and speed. In addition, the guide sleeve needs to be replaced regularly. It is better to lengthen the guide sleeve to improve the matching accuracy between the guide sleeve and the reamer gap. At the same time, pay attention to timely maintenance of the machine tool and regular adjustment of the spindle bearing clearance.

It is also possible to add reaming or boring operations to correct holes. Decrease the entering angle and select a suitable reamer, such as replacing the reamer with a guide part or an extended cutting part, straightening or scrapping the bent unusable reamer. During sharpening, use and transportation of the reamer, protective measures should be taken to avoid bumps. For the damaged reamer, use extra-fine whetstone to repair the damaged reamer, or replace the reamer. The reamer shall be trimmed with whetstone to be qualified, and the reamer shall have a rake angle of 5° to 10°.

The outer diameter of the reamer can be appropriately reduced when reaming with a radial drilling machine. Control the swing difference within the allowable range, and select the cutting fluid with better cooling performance. Before installing the reamer, the taper shank of the reamer and the inside of the taper hole of the machine tool spindle must be wiped clean, and the taper surface with bumps must be polished with whetstone. Pay attention to the spindle bearing, readjust the floating chuck, and adjust the coaxiality, and pay attention to correct operation.
By processing in the above way and taking precautions before and after use, reaming can be done quickly and well.

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