Cylindrical grinding machine

FX25A-50CNC High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinder

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● The grinding wheel spindle has high rigidity, high precision, high service life and low vibration,and low friction.

● The self-aligning function, the wheel spindle is not affected by the belt tension and is biased.

● The spindle has a centering and simultaneous compound function, and the user can perform rapid conversion in the core machining and the chuck clamping process.

● The Z-axis consists of an AC servo motor, a high-precision bead screw, and an automatic forced lubrication system.

● High repeatability, long track service life, high rigidity and smooth reciprocating motion

● Configurable surface measurement, outer diameter thickness measurement, grinding wheel anti-collision device

● The be nch is made of Meehanite cast iron. After stewing, the material is stable and rigid.

● The bench has rapid cooling and drainage characteristics to avoid thermal deformation and affect accuracy.


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