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22 factors affecting the lifespan of band saw blades

1. Operator
Because they operate machines and control other variables.

2. Number of teeth on the work piece
Too few teeth will pull the teeth and cause the teeth to fall (the three-tooth principle). Too many teeth will increase the load on the cogging and cause tooth loss. Most materials: at least 3 teeth, preferably 6-12 teeth, and no more than 24 teeth. Materials with high hardness: at least 6 teeth, preferably 12-24 teeth, and no more than 48 teeth at most.

3. Tooth shape
In the sawing process, selecting the appropriate tooth profile according to the cutting material can increase the lifespan of the saw blade. Such as cutting section steel, the best choice of anti-tension tooth. Turtle teeth are suitable for cutting stainless steel and small bundles. Due to the variety of tooth groove shapes, variable teeth can reduce jitter and swing, and are used for sawing materials with different sawing requirements and wide changes in shape.

4. Partition of teeth
Different tooth types are suitable for different materials. Choosing the right tooth can increase the life of the saw blade.

5.Saw Band Tension
Take 11.4kg-14.5kg as the standard value. 11.4kg or less: poor welding seam, bending saw cutting, strip fatigue. Above 14.5kg: The potential belt is easy to break and the machine is easy to fatigue.

6. Band saw speed
The correct band saw speed can increase the life of the band saw! For harder materials, the speed of the band saw is usually reduced. For softer materials, the speed of the band saw is usually increased.

7. Run-in procedure
New unused saw blades have extremely sharp teeth and usually have a certain amount of burrs. Through this “fine grinding” of the saw tooth process, the use time of the saw blade is prolonged. Generally, the normal running-in is to reduce the speed of the band saw to 1/2 of the normal speed.

8. Feed speed
If the feed speed is too low, it is easy to blunt the teeth. If it is too high, the teeth will be fatigued in advance, and the tooth tips will wear too quickly and the teeth will be broken easily.

9. The quality and type of band saw
Different types of saw blades have different red hardness and impact resistance.

10. Machine Model
Sawing machine design, horsepower, machine quality, and feed system will all affect sawing capacity and band saw life. The selection of high-quality sawing machines, combined with correct operation and adjustment, is an important factor in ensuring the life of the saw blade.

11. Wheels
Correctly adjusting the wheel will produce unexpected results. The items to be checked are: correct adjustment, bearing status, hair blue status, etc. Usually the larger the wheel, the better!

12.Machine status
The new or old machine and whether the machine is well maintained will affect the sawing effect.

13. Clamping method of vise
Correctly adjusting the vise will make the sawing vertical, otherwise, the sawing path will be curved.

14. Orientation
The guide wheel should support and straighten the steel belt. When the adjustment is normal, it will reduce the bending of the sawing track and the swing of the saw belt and impact.

15. Guide arm
The guide arm should be as close to the workpiece as possible and fastened, so as to ensure the straight path of the sawing and prolong the life of the saw band. The wider the guide arm is, the more likely it is that the sawing track will bend.

16. Brush
The brush is used to remove iron filings and keep the sawing smooth.

17. Coolant
Coolant plays the role of lubricating, cooling and cleaning iron filings. Small iron filings will cause heat due to friction and shorten the life of the saw blade. The color of normal iron filings should be shiny. Heavy iron filings will be blue, gray or black.

18. Material mechanical cutting performance
The rigidity of steel affects the life of the tool, and the material is the same, but it is reflected in its mechanical cutting performance.

19. Material hardness
The hardness of the material directly affects the service life of the saw blade.

20. Material shape
Structural materials and small solid materials may cause greater impact, so they are more difficult to cut than other materials, and impact may shorten the life of the saw blade.

21. Number of sawing
If the time of each sawing is too long, it will affect the life of the saw blade.

22. Indoor temperature
Room temperature will affect the viscosity of the hydraulic oil, which will affect the performance of the sawing machine, such as feed, etc. The impact caused by this may also change

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