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HMC500 Horizontal Machining Center

Product Description:

This series horizontal machining center has a T-shaped frame, integrated foundation and large-span, double-wall column. Imported roller guide ways are used in X, Y and Z axes, which ensures high rigidity of the whole machine. The machine features forced-cooling high-speed ball screws that are imported from foreign countries, and forced-cooling directly-mounted main spindle, which ensures machine precision stability. Equipped with world famous controller and high speed configuration, the machine has high controlling accuracy and can meet the requirements of all sectors.

The machine, equipped with double pallet workpiece changer, is suitable for precision machining of dies/molds as well as for multi-face machining of cases, plates, covers and blocks in large batches.

Items Unit HMC500
Travel X-axis mm 850
Y-axis mm 700
Z-axis mm 800
Distance from spindle nose to center of table mm 70-870
Distance from spindle center to top of pallet mm 75-775
Table and pallet Table size ( mm 500×500
Indexing of table (deg) Deg 360×1°(0.001°)
Type of table  spiral groove 24-M16
Loading capacity of table kg 500
Max. workpiece size mm Ф750,H850
Type of pallet change Rotating
Change time of pallet s 12
Number of pallets 2
Height of table from floor mm 1150
Max. load torque of table Nm 2250
Spindle Spindle speed r/min 7000
Spindle power kw 15/18.5
Spindle torque Nm 95.4/117
Taper hole BT50
Spindle cooling Forced cooling
Feed Guide way Linear roller ways
Torque of feed motor X/Y/Z Nm 30/22/22
Rapid traverse X/Y/Z/B m/min 36/36/36
Cutting feed X/Y/Z/B m/min 12
Cooling of screw Forced cooling
Encoder of three axes Optional
Tool changer  Capacity pc 40 standard
Tool change type Manipulator
Tool selection type Random, Bidirection
Max. weight of tool kg 25
Max. diameter of tool (occupied/empty adjacency) mm 125/250
Max. length of tool mm 350
Type of tool shank MAS403 BT50
Type of drawbar MAS403 P50T-1(45°)
Tool change time (T-T/C-C) (S) s 3.5/7.5
Accuracy Bidirectional positioning mm 0.012
Bidirectional positioning in case encoder mm 0.006
Bidirectional repeatability mm 0.008
Bidirectional repeatability in case encoder mm 0.005
Indexing accuracy of table Angle” 15
Repeatedly indexing accuracy of table Angle” ±3
Others NC controller FANUC 0iMD standard
Air source MPa ≥0.5
Capacity of cutting fluid tank L 500
Power source kw 50
Dimensions of machine mm 5150×3845×2975
Weight of machine kg 20000

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