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Structure performance and use of Mini lathe

The light lathe combines the functions of an ordinary lathe with the lightness of a light bench lathe. The structure is exquisite and reasonable, the operation is simple and flexible, and the installation and maintenance are quick. Separate domestic lathes, micro lathes, small lathes, and bench lathes. This machine tool can be used to turn internal and external cylindrical surfaces, end surfaces, cones, and metric and inch threads. With corresponding fixtures, it can realize drilling, milling and other special cutting processes. Has many uses.

It is suitable for domestic and foreign small enterprises, repair industry and individual industrial use. It can also be used as teaching aids and models for families, schools and scientific research units. The machine tool consists of a bed, a headstock, a hanging wheel box, a tool moving box, a slide box, tailstock and motor.

Spindle box: The internal is full gear transmission. The spindle speed change is realized by the single handle control of the end face curve groove dial and the sliding gear. The spindle can obtain 12 speeds, the speed change range is large, the speed change is flexible and convenient, and it is suitable for processing various materials. Equipped with forward and reverse feed conversion mechanism to realize automatic feed forward and reverse selection and turning left and right threads.

Hanging wheel box: The movement of the spindle box is transmitted to the tool feed box through the changing wheel, and different combinations of the hanging wheel can be selected to realize the conversion of metric and inch threads.

Tool feed box: There are 15 gears, 15 kinds of feed speeds and 15 kinds of pitches of metric (or inch) threads can be obtained without changing the change gear.

Slide box: It is equipped with a longitudinal and transverse feed conversion mechanism to realize the longitudinal and transverse selection of automatic feeding; at the same time, it has a good interlocking structure with the opening and closing nut. The bed adopts two hills and two rectangular guide rails, which has good positioning accuracy and superior cutting rigidity. The tailstock adopts a cam quick locking mechanism, which is convenient and quick to operate. The attached accessories include three-jaw chuck, fixed center, tool holder wrench, hexagon wrench, double-headed wrench, change wheel, and rear chip guard.

Special accessories: Special accessories such as base, center frame, tool holder, oil pan, combined turning tool, movable center, face plate, four-jaw chuck, transition plate, special hanging wheel, etc., are available for users to purchase.

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