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What material is the band saw blade and how to use the band saw blade correctly?

1. The material feature of the bimetal band saw blade is the bimetal structure:

B318 back material, anti-fatigue, high strength; M42 tooth material, 8% cobalt content, tooth hardness HRC67-69.

2. The main advantages of bimetallic band saw blades are:

1. High wear resistance and high red hardness.
2. The saw teeth are not easy to break.
3. Long service life.

Precautions for band saw blades:

1. Choosing high-quality band saws and operating and adjusting the machine correctly are the most important factors to ensure the service life of band saw blades. Good machine rigidity and working performance can prevent the great influence of vibration and various stresses on the band saw blade.

2. Correctly choose the band saw blade you will use. There is no band saw blade that can meet all sawing requirements, and saw blades of different forms and characteristics have different effects. This choice includes the appropriate saw blade width, tooth profile and tooth pitch.

3. Correctly use sawing parameters, which mainly include saw band linear speed, feed rate, saw band tension, etc. The ideal chip when sawing the material should be tightly rolled, silver and have a warm hand feel.

4. The correct use of cutting fluid and its mixture can lubricate and cool the band saw blade, and clean off the attachments on the saw teeth in time.

5. Correctly “run-in” the new band saw blade. The “run-in” is to remove the tooth edge burrs through the natural wear of the saw teeth, so that the band saw blade gradually enters the normal sawing state, avoiding premature chipping and curling of the saw teeth.

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