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How to improve the cutting efficiency of metal band saw machine

Proper sawing can reduce or eliminate the next process of pretreatment, such as removing burrs, smoothing, improving accuracy, etc. Excellent cutting scheme can improve the service life and cutting speed of saw blade. Saws cut faster, saws cut more, saws cut better, saws cut less material.

1. the accurate use of metal band sawing machine cutting parameters, which mainly includes the saw band linear speed, feed, saw band tension, etc., cutting the ideal chip should be tight, silver and warm feel. If the chips are sintered, brown-blue, thickened or powder-like, it is necessary to adjust the relevant parameters. The precise application of cutting fluid and its mixture can smooth and cool the band saw blade and promptly remove the attachment on the saw tooth.

2. accurately “run in” the new band saw blade, about the use of new saw blade, “run in” is very important, accurate operation can effectively extend the service life of the band saw blade. “Running-in” is to remove the burr of the tooth blade after the natural wear and tear of the saw blade, so that the band saw blade gradually enters the normal cutting condition, so as to avoid premature collapse and winding of the saw blade, especially when the section of profiles, pipes and special-shaped materials changes rapidly.

3. for the band saw operator training is very important, only a specific understanding of the various functions of the band saw machine, in order to better operate the saw machine, accurate operation and adjustment of the machine is to ensure the service life of the band saw blade the most important elements.

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