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5 Axis High-Speed Precision CNC Vertical Machining Center

This machine is a new high-speed CNC machining center developed by our company based on Taiwan technology. It has greater advantages in operation and performance than similar products.
The structure adopts a high rigidity C design, and the machine ribs are reinforced. All contact surfaces are manually scratched to ensure precision durability.
The X/Y axis is suitable for two types of rolling guides: ball bearing and roller guide, which are optional according to customer’s requirements.
The Z-axis adopts roller guide rails, the machine tool has high rigidity, low noise and low friction.
This enables fast displacement and circular accuracy. Comes with an air tank for manual draining. The spindle is directly connected, and the maximum speed is 12000RPM, which is a good choice for high-precision and high-efficiency machining.

Worktable size 600×1200mm
T-slot (N×W×D) 5×18×100mm
Distance from the table to the ground 890mm
X axis travel 1000mm
Y axis travel 600mm
Z axis travel 630mm
Machining range
Distance from spindle center to column front 667mm
Distance from spindle end to work table 120-750mm
Machine dimension
L×W×H 2850×2450×2850mm
Machine weight
Max. load bearing of worktable 800kgs
Machine weight 6800kgs
Spindle hole taper BT40
Spindle power 11/15kw
Max. spindle speed 10000rpm
Spindle sleeve diameter φ140mm
Max. feed speed 10000mm/min
Rapid feed speed (X/Y/Z) 36/36/30m/min
Tool Magazine
Tool magazine capacity 24T
Max. length of tool 300mm
Tool change time 1.5s
Positioning accuracy (National standard)
Positioning accuracy (X/Y/Z) 0.008mm
Re-positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) 0.005mm

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