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A VMC1060 FANUC System Vertical Milling Center Machine delivered to Argentina Customer

January is the new beginning of 2023, our ANTISHI company successfully shipped a vertical machining center VMC1060,The customer chooses FANUC CNC system, which is equipped with accessories: Outlet function of spindle, Spindle oil cooling function, and Chip remover. The overall machine processing efficiency is improved, the service life is longer, the clamping work is more convenient, and the debugging program is easy. The scope of application is relatively wide.

Judging from the overall effect, the customer is very satisfied and has given ANTISHICNC the greatest support and affirmation. ANTISHICNC will also persevere and continue to improve the best product quality and service for customers.

Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHICNC Origin country Shanghai, China
Product Name  Vertical Milling Center Machine Model No. VMC1060 Export Country Argentina
Customer Introduction Our Argentine client company is a supplier of well-known local CNC machining centers. Its product users are located on five continents around the world, covering aerospace, transportation, engineering equipment, household appliances, environmental protection equipment and other industries. Argentina CNC machining center company has a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and a variety of large-scale and key equipment, which provides a solid guarantee for the research and development and manufacturing of CNC machining centers. It is one of the few high-tech enterprises in Argentina that can provide not only high-quality machine tool equipment, but also a complete set of automation solutions and equipment.

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Equipment Application VMC1060 vertical machining center is a highly automated multifunctional CNC machine tool with tool magazine and automatic tool changer. It is mainly suitable for processing complex workpieces such as plates, discs, molds and shells. The biggest processing feature is that it can centrally process various processes such as drilling, milling, boring, reaming and tapping of the workpiece through the tool magazine and automatic tool changer under the condition of one-time clamping of the workpiece.
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VMC1060 FANUC System Vertical Milling Center Machine

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