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Motion Principle of Spindle Rotation and Feed Transmission Mechanism of Shanghai Antishi

Arm Drill The spindle is a very important part of the whole rocker drill in Shanghai Antishi. In the rocker drill, the spindle is involved in the machine tool processing. When we use the rocker drill, we usually need to connect the cutter or drill bit with the rocker drill through the variable diameter sleeve matched with the spindle. The work of the spindle directly determines the processing of the processed product through the link between the cutter and the spindle. The overall structure of the rocker drill is composed of multiple moving parts, which are further simplified by using multiple motors to drive. On the arm drill, these motors are directly started to realize the cooperation between the moving parts of ZOJE arm drill to realize production and processing. Shanghai Antishi rocker drill switches gears by changing the rotating speed of multiple gears. On the rocker drill, multiple rotating speeds can be arbitrarily switched by the spindle rotating speed adjusting handle. The spindle feed movement of the rocker drill also switches the spindle feed by matching the gears of the machine tool. Therefore, the spindle and feed of the rocker drill have multiple spindle rotating speeds, and the spindle feed can be switched back and forth according to different production and processing materials and processes. The spindle rotation and spindle feed of Shanghai Antishi arm drill are two different movement modes. On the arm drill, the spindle rotation and spindle feed are realized by a motor. The rotation of the spindle is transmitted to the spindle box of the machine tool through the output power of the motor, and the spindle speed is changed by switching gears back and forth in the spindle box. On the spindle rotating device, the power is transmitted to the spindle feeding device of the saddle rocker drill through the turbine and worm, thus realizing the automatic feeding mode of the spindle of Zoje rocker drill.

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