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ANTISHI Machine EQUIPMENT Company successfully exported 1 set TG580 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine to Belarus client

Recently, our company successfully exported 1 set TG580 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine to a company in Belarus.

The basis of the enterprise is a professional team with many years of experience in the field of machine tool construction and supply of tools and equipment to factories.The company cooperates directly with manufacturers and can provide customers with attractive prices and a special discount system, which can not only help reduce costs, but also solve customer problems by choosing necessary equipment or optimizing existing work processes, widely received The love and support of local customers.

The company’s goals are: Provide high-quality high-tech equipment and tools that customers need. Minimize costs and reduce customer risk.Therefore, they have very strict requirements on suppliers, and they are pay attention to after-sales service capabilities. After 7 months of communicated with the Shanghai ANTS Machine team, the customer finally chose the Shanghai ANTS machine and ordered a complete group of equipment. At present, this group of machines has arrived at the customer’s workshop and is doing sample testing.We hope that our machines can help customers increase production capacity and save costs.


Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHICNC Origin country Shanghai, China
Product Name 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine Model No. TG-580 Export Country Belarus
Customer Introduction The company provides the best solutions for the equipment of various industrial enterprises, and selects the tools and equipment that meet the requirements for customers. Assist customers in completing projects for the construction, reconstruction and equipment of production workshops. And technical experts are ready to go to the customer’s enterprise at any time to assist in solving the problems that arise in the operation of the provided equipment and optimizing the workflow. It is a professional team with many years of experience in the field of machine tool manufacturing and supplying tools and equipment to factories. It is widely accepted by local customers. love and support.
Equipment Application TG580 is a five-axis CNC tool grinding center with excellent performance, which is suitable for producing or grinding milling tools, drilling tools, forming tools, etc. Suitable for work pieces ranging from 3-20mm, the machine tool has a friendly man-machine interface and uses natural marble components with high stability. At the same time, the machine tool adopts high rigidity, high precision, high power (18KW) direct drive variable frequency electric spindle grinding head, The grinding wheel flange can hold 2~4 pieces of grinding wheels at the same time, which can meet the grinding process requirements of the front, rear and end faces of the tool in one clamping, and is the best choice for different tool manufacturers.
Equipment Picture TG580 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine

  HTM120L Filter-For Grinder (Oil System)

  X3 Grinding wheel Dresser


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5-axis CNC tool grinding machine – TG560 & TG580

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