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Application and Innovation of CH-400 Metal Band Saw

CH-400 metal band sawing machine is a machine tool for sawing various metal materials. It can saw various metal materials such as low alloy steel, high alloy steel, special alloy steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, carbon structural steel, etc. It is a metal band sawing machine with a wide range of applications, mainly used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, shipbuilding, machining and other industries.

CH-400 metal band sawing machine bed needs to install metal band saw blade, so the development of metal band sawing machine also indirectly drives the development of metal band saw blade industry, the performance and quality of metal band saw blade directly affect the use of metal band sawing machine and cutting workpiece the quality of. So what kind of products is CH-400 metal band sawing machine suitable for?

First of all, choose according to the different materials you need to process, such as round steel, I-beam, channel steel, etc., you can choose CH-400 for sawing diameter 400mm round steel, CH-400 metal band sawing machine hydraulic locking, if it is 400mm For oval round steel, you don’t need to choose this one. The height is within 300mm. You can choose CH-300. The price is still cheap.

The model is determined according to the material, because there are quite a lot of models now, many sawing machine manufacturers divide a lot of series according to the cutting diameter, which is more intuitive. Secondly, choose a semi-automatic metal band sawing machine or a CNC series metal band sawing machine according to your own purchasing budget. Although the processing efficiency is different, the main thing is to purchase according to your own budget.

At present, the domestic metal band sawing machine industry is very developed, which also shows the recovery of the manufacturing industry. Although the current form is very good, we must also be prepared for danger in times of peace and achieve product innovation and development. Only an enterprise that is always innovative can do it. to enduring. Now all walks of life are pursuing digitalization. The machine tool industry is the foundation of the machining industry. In order to develop towards high quality and high standards, ANTISHI has produced digital or CNC machine tools. CNC machine tools have clearly become the future development of the machine tool industry. In order to clarify its future development direction, digital operation can be fully realized. The benefit of using digital data lies in the ability to optimize the process through simulation and through the CNC interconnection system during machine tool operation, so as to achieve high efficiency and high quality. Complete machine tool processing work . ANTISHI is a professional band sawing machine manufacturer, serving customers at the lowest ex-factory price, with strong factory qualifications and strength, and providing you with the best and best service, welcome to choose ANTISHI brand.

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