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Characteristics of CNC sawing machine

The CNC sawing machine has reasonable structure, stable technical performance and convenient operation. It is mainly suitable for sawing, manufacturing and processing of large materials such as large iron and steel groups, oil pipelines, hydropower machinery, heavy forging and die steel plates. It has the advantages of narrow sawing mouth, material saving and energy saving, high sawing accuracy and high production efficiency. Through the stepless speed change of the linear speed of the saw blade, the free transformation of the linear speed of the saw blade is especially suitable for sawing large materials and saving the application cost of the saw blade.

Features of CNC sawing machine:

1. CNC sawing machine band sawing machine adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving controller, with simple circuit board and excellent space of electrical box, which can not only ensure low failure of the machine, but also facilitate maintenance. It adopts precision grating control and high feeding accuracy.

2. The CNC band sawing machine adopts double column structure, combined with large diameter and super long sliding sleeve to form a stable sawing structure, which ensures the accuracy of the guiding structure and the stability and reliability of sawing.

3. When sawing different materials with a band sawing machine, it usually only needs to change the NC program, which greatly saves the time of production preparation.

4. CNC sawing machine automatic feeding, blanking, measuring, clamping and discharging of band sawing machine are high, which greatly reduces the expenditure of labor cost.

5. CNC sawing machine band sawing machine itself has the characteristics of high precision and high rigidity, can select favorable production and processing dosage, and has high production efficiency, which is 3-5 times that of ordinary band sawing machine.

6. The CNC band sawing machine adopts intelligent man-machine interface. The mechanical operation is very simple and the efficiency is excellent. If the machine has abnormal information and troubleshooting instructions, it will be automatically displayed immediately.

7. CNC sawing machine band sawing machine can greatly improve labor production efficiency.

8. CNC sawing machine has high machining accuracy and stable manufacturing and processing quality.

9. It has strong adaptability to the manufacturing and processing objects, and has the characteristics of adapting to the single piece production of molds and other products, which brings appropriate manufacturing and processing methods to the manufacturing of molds.

10. Numerical control sawing machine band sawing machine uses digital information and standard code to process and transmit information, and uses computer control method.

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