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What is the difference between CNC tool post and power tool post

1. CNC tool post is a big category, which includes ordinary tool post and driven tool post, that is to say, the power tool post belongs to one type of CNC tool post.

2. Ordinary tool holders can only be installed with fixed tool holders for processing. Power tool holders can be installed with fixed tool holders or powered tool holders. The powered tool holders can be used for drilling, milling, boring, tapping and other functions.

3. The CNC tool post is the most common auxiliary device of the CNC lathe. It enables the CNC lathe to complete multiple or even all processing procedures in one clamping of the workpiece, so as to shorten the auxiliary time of processing and reduce the number of times during the processing. The error caused by the installation of the workpiece, thereby improving the machining efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool.

4. At present, the domestic CNC tool holders are mainly electric, which are divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. There are two types of vertical tool post, four and six stations, which are mainly used for simple CNC lathes;

5. The horizontal tool post has eight, ten, twelve, etc. stations, which can be rotated in the forward and reverse directions, and the nearest tool is selected, which is used for a full-function CNC lathe.

In addition, the horizontal tool rest also has a hydraulic tool rest and a servo-driven tool rest.

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