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Automatic Aluminum Bar Cutting High Speed Circular Saw Machine-HY200NC

The cutting of aluminum bars with a saw length of more than 5 meters and a diameter of up to 200 mm is still a huge challenge so far. Today, Shanghai ANTISHI Company provides customers with a HY200NC high-speed circular saw cutting solution for high-precision sawing of raw blanks for further processing of shaped materials.

The fully enclosed sawing system of HY200NC is especially suitable for 200mm diameter round bar and 200 x 200 mm square material cutting. The customer mainly cuts solid bars with a length of 5,000 mm and a diameter of 150 mm into workpieces of 150*75mm. This company is very strict about processing efficiency, and aluminum cutting has very strict requirements on the machine itself and its various components, but HY200NC can do it well. Aluminum cutting requires higher cutting speeds. “The ANTISHI cutting speed is infinitely adjustable from 20-80rpm, and the stable saw body ensures stable, low-vibration and noise-free operation during sawing.” The new HY200NC saw blade guide element is made of shock-absorbing gray cast iron, which makes the machine even Good torsional rigidity even under maximum saw blade tension.” One of the interesting details of this device is the deliberate inclination of the saw body. This design not only simplifies saw blade replacement, but also increases the flexibility of the saw blade, especially It is the continuous alternating strain generated when the saw blade is running at high speed will be significantly reduced. Servo drive and ball screw can ensure fast feed, constant feed and precise adjustment. Constant feed, material removal is uniform, ensuring sawing. High performance and long blade life. Precise feed control prevents blade overload.

In order to fully utilize the overall efficiency of the machine, the auxiliary time is also greatly reduced. The use of servo drives means that each moving axis can be positioned more quickly. The result: a higher quality cut combined with an effective reduction in cycle time. In the HY200NC, the saw blade is not guided by guide clips but by centrally lubricated roller guides. Various additional functions have been added to the electrical control system, such as the speed reduction of the saw blade when entering or leaving the material, ensuring aluminum cutting.

When using this type of high-performance equipment, it is considered a wise choice to configure an automatic feeding and discharging device, and it is often essential. “For Chinese customers, this means a significant reduction in non-productive time and a significant increase in productivity.” On the feed end, the raw material is transported to the machine via roller slides and a transverse conveyor chain. After sawing, the turning mechanism The material head and material tail are discharged from the roller slideway, and the qualified workpieces are weighed, marked and stacked through the truss stacking fixture.

China’s aluminum processing market is very narrowly defined, with only a few suppliers sharing a large number of valid orders. This is even more important for the remaining market competitors to strive to improve the performance of their equipment to reach the same equipment level as the market players. Shanghai ANTISHI has been active in the Chinese market for many years and has accumulated a large number of industry customers, which can provide sample references for more new customers.


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