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Two Structures of Angle Band Saw Machine

1.Two Structures of Angle Band Saw

The angle band sawing machine can be divided into vertical and horizontal according to the structure. The saw frame of the horizontal structure is arranged horizontally or obliquely, and is fed in the vertical direction or in the direction of swinging around the -one – fulcrum. The saw band is generally twisted by 40° to maintain the sawtooth It is perpendicular to the workpiece; while the vertical structure of the angle band sawing machine adopts the vertical setting of the saw frame, and the workpiece moves during cutting to cut the curve contour of the sheet metal and the formed part, and the saw belt can also be replaced with a file chain or an abrasive belt. File or sand.

In the two types of angle band sawing machines, the annular saw belt is tensioned on two saw wheels, and the saw wheel drives the saw blade to cut metal materials. The difference is that the size of the workpiece to be sawed and the sawing The effect and so on determine which structure of the angle band sawing machine to choose. Therefore, the correct choice of the sawing machine structure to be used is very beneficial to the final sawing effect.

2. Sawing Problems with Rotary Angle Band Sawing Machines

Rotary angle band sawing machine is the main equipment for sawing workpieces with an angle, so it is an indispensable sawing equipment in the mechanical sawing industry. – Fixed angle, but it should be noted that when the angle is inclined, it may cause the band saw blade to wear out. Due to the inconsistent inclination angle, the overall contact surface of the saw blade is different, and the force is uneven, resulting in wear and tear of the band saw blade. .

When the band saw blade is worn during the sawing process of the rotating angle band sawing machine, first check whether the saw blade has repair value. If so, it can be repaired. If not, the saw blade needs to be replaced, and then the cutting speed of the band saw machine can be adjusted. Adjust to a reasonable speed, and also adjust the distance between the two guide arms to maintain a suitable distance, and replace the damaged parts on the sawing machine in time, so that the equipment is always in a good sawing state.

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