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CNC Planer Milling Machine Program

1, High flexibility and process compound moving table CNC longmen milling machine has the characteristics of flexibility (variability) high and process compound. The so-called “flexible” is flexible, universal and can adapt to the processing of different shapes of the workpiece automation machine tool. The development of moving table CNC longmen milling machine has blurred the concept of rough and finish machining process, broke the traditional process boundaries and separate processing process rules, can maximize the efficiency of equipment. Gantry milling machine can generally complete drilling, boring, reaming, milling plane, milling inclined plane, milling groove, milling surface (CAM), tapping and other processing. And, in general, the required machining can be done in a single clamping.

2, Moving table CNC longmen milling machine high processing accuracy of the current NUMERICAL control device pulse equivalent (that is, each sent a pulse slide after the amount of movement) generally 0.001mm, high precision NUMERICAL control system can reach 0.0001mm, under normal circumstances can ensure the workpiece processing accuracy, in addition, NUMERICAL control processing can avoid manual operation error, A batch of machining workpiece size uniformity is better (including the main size of the workpiece and the consistency of the chamfer size), but also can use software for accuracy and compensation, greatly improve the product quality.

3, Production efficiency of high parts processing time, including maneuvering time and auxiliary time part. Moving table CNC longmen milling machine can effectively reduce this part of the time, so the processing productivity is much higher than the general milling machine. Good structure rigidity allows dynamic table CNC longmen milling machine large cutting dosage of strong cutting, effectively save the time of maneuver. CNC milling machine moving parts of the rapid movement and positioning of the acceleration and deceleration measures, so the choice of a high speed of empty travel movement, consumption in fast forward, fast retreat and positioning of the time is much less than the general milling machine. Moving table CNC longmen milling machine spindle speed and feed are infinitely variable, therefore, is conducive to the selection of the best cutting amount.

4, Reduce the operator’s labor intensity moving table CNC longmen milling machine parts processing is automatically completed according to the pre-programmed program, operation in addition to the operation of the keyboard, loading and unloading parts and the middle measurement and observation of machine movement, do not need to carry out heavy repetitive manual operation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity. Due to the unique advantages of CNC milling machine, so moving table CNC longmen milling machine has become the main equipment of machinery manufacturing industry. However, the programming operation of moving table CNC longmen milling machine is more complex, and the quality of programmers is higher. Moving table CNC longmen milling machine or it is difficult to play the role of CNC milling machine.

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