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Application cases of hydraulic press – making kitchenware

A hydraulic press machine is a mechanical device that uses hydraulic transmission. It uses liquid to output force in closed pipelines and devices to achieve mechanical movement. Different products use hydraulic presses with different structural tonnages. The same hydraulic press can also replace molds to complete the processing of different styles of products. It is a multi-functional forging machine tool equipment. Widely used in aerospace, nuclear power, petrochemicals, auto parts, bicycle parts, hardware products, instrumentation, medical equipment, household appliances, household utensils, sanitary kitchenware and other manufacturing industries.

Recently, Shanghai ANTS received an inquiry from a Turkish kitchenware manufacturer. The customer is looking for a hydraulic press that can press the bottom of the pot. The main cylinder pressure needs to reach 80Mpa. After understanding the customer’s workpiece material, size, and requirements in detail, we recommended this Steel Wire winding hydraulic press FD3000T and sent him a similar customer processing case.

Project Parameter
Hydraulic press model FD3000T
Nominal force (kN) 30000
Liquid working pressure (MPa) 90
Maximum distance from the bottom of the slider to the top of the workbench (mm) 850
Stroke(mm) 300
Work surface size
Left and right 850
Before and after 670
thickness 100
Up slider speed
empty path downward 200mm/s
Work 0-3mm/s
Return trip 200mm/s
Height from the ground above the workbench (mm) 980
Total motor power (kW) 80KW
Machine tool dimensions (mm) 2000*700*4160
Machine hydraulic oil coolant method water cooling

Shanghai ANTS Company has a wide range of hydraulic press models. We can provide you with suitable machines based on your workpiece drawings and processing requirements, and can also customize them according to customers’ special needs. If you are also a kitchenware manufacturer, or have similar processing needs, welcome to consult Shanghai ANTS. We have rich experience in the manufacturing and application of hydraulic presses and can provide you with professional technical support.

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