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Steps and methods for quality acceptance of finished metal band sawing machines

There are many specifications and types of metal band sawing machines, including vertical and horizontal; there are guide column type (saw frame translates along the guide column), hinge type (saw frame rotates around a fixed axis) movement; fully automatic and semi-automatic performance. The functional principle is basically the same, and the acceptance criteria and methods are similar.

As a professional sawing machine manufacturing company, Shanghai ANTS has rich industry experience. The following will introduce the quality acceptance steps and methods of band sawing machine by Shanghai ANTS:

1. Read the instruction manual of the sawing machine in detail, determine and master the type, specification, working principle, technical parameters, scope of application, adjustment and operation methods of the sawing machine, and lay the foundation for the implementation of quality acceptance work;

2. Mechanical mechanism performance and accuracy inspection:

(1)Check the reducer: remove the belt cover, climb the input shaft of the reducer by hand in the forward and reverse directions, and feel that the transmission gear train in the reducer is in a kneading state. ; Listen to the noise of the reduction box during exercise (generally less than 75 decibels); check the status of fastening, sealing, connection, lubrication and other items of each part.

(2)Use a dial indicator to detect the motion accuracy of the active and passive saw wheels: the radial runout is less than 0.10mm, and the end face runout is less than 0.20mm.

(3)Check the working state of the tensioning mechanism (adjustment mechanism): the screw and the nut pair have flexible transmission and proper tightness; the sliding block has a good sliding fit in the groove, and the anchor adjustment bolt has a good function (the structure without anchor bolt needs to be added pad method to adjust). [The fully automatic metal band sawing machine is not equipped with a screw and nut, but uses a hydraulic cylinder to transmit the tensioning power].

(4)Check the accuracy of the moving and fixed jaws: ensure that the working surface of the jaws is perpendicular to the work surface and only allowed to incline slightly toward the workpiece (inclination 0.40:100) and perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the bracket [or the plane of the falling track of the saw belt)

(5)The front and rear heights of the saw belt guide arm and the guide block are correct, and the working surfaces of the two guide blocks are on the same surface.
(6)When the feeding hemp roller rises to the highest point, the highest bus bar of the hemp roller is 1mm higher than the plane of the worktable and parallel to the worktable.
(7)Others: The whole machine does not lack other accessories; the joints are tightly combined and firm; each adjustable mechanism has complete functions, easy adjustment, and reliable self-locking; no-load or loaded operation, no resonance at low speed, medium and high speed, the machine tool No major vibration;
(8)Check the reliability and sensitivity of the fast-forward slider function;
(9)Geometric accuracy and working accuracy should meet the provisions of JB/T 4318.3-96 [Mechanical Industry Standard – Horizontal Band Sawing Machine (Standard)].

3. Hydraulic and electrical system inspection:
(1) The hydraulic components such as motor, oil pump, solenoid valve, speed regulating valve, relief valve and pressure gauge in the hydraulic station are reasonably arranged, the soft and hard pipelines are easy to disassemble and assemble, and the pipeline joints and components are well sealed with the valve plate, and the operation is less noise.
(2) The assembly position of the lifting cylinder is correct (especially for the installation of the hinged structure saw frame). Lifting the saw frame to the highest point should meet the maximum cutting function parameters of the sawing machine. When the saw frame falls to the bottom (electrical limit switch action) , at this time, the connecting line of the tooth tip of the saw belt is slightly lower than the plane of the sawing machine table; the other clamping cylinders, feeding cylinders, and pressing cylinders function in place.
(3) Adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system (the table value is about 1.5Mpa), start the hydraulic system, check the sealing condition of all components such as pumps, valves, valve plates, oil cylinders, oil tanks, pipelines, pipe joints, etc., and the coordination and sensitivity of functions and actions.
(4) Check the standardization of the wiring of the power distribution cabinet and the electrical control box, the coordination and consistency with the required functions of the sawing machine, the protection (interference interlock) function of the saw wheel start and the clamping and feeding action, and the sensitivity of each component;
(5) Hydraulic system implementation standard ZB J50 016 Metal cutting machine tools – General technical conditions for hydraulic systems;
(6) The electrical system implements the standard GB 5226 General technical conditions for electrical equipment of machine tools.

4. Cutting function inspection:
(1) Tighten the saw blade so that the back of the saw rests on the stop of the saw wheel, and the belt does not fall off during movement and the stop of the saw wheel is not strained (the best state is that there is a 0.5-1.0mm gap between the back of the saw and the stop of the saw wheel)
(2) Comprehensive index inspection of accuracy: take the ferrous metal bar of φ90—φ100 after outer circle processing (select the appropriate line speed during the running-in period of the saw blade), and adjust the angle of the center line of the driven wheel, the position of the saw blade guide and the The angle and other allowable adjustment mechanisms can achieve the plane trajectory of the saw blade falling motion at the same time perpendicular to the work table and the clamping jaws. (The allowable difference between the perpendicularity of the test bar saw section and its surface busbar is 0.5:100).
(3) Cut several pieces with thicknesses of 0.2, 0.5, and 3.0 mm respectively, and check the uniformity of the thickness of the pieces under the condition of ensuring the verticality standard above;
(4) The detection of dry sound pressure level shall be performed according to the method specified in ZB J50 004 [Determination of dry sound pressure level of metal cutting machine tools], and the standard shall comply with relevant national environmental protection regulations;
(5) Safe operation should implement the provisions of JB 4140 [Technical Conditions for Sawing Machine Safety Protection].

5. Appearance inspection:
(1) The other parts are complete and the fastening connection is reliable.
(2) The paint is completely covered, the surface is flat and smooth, no sagging, no overlapping marks; the color block interface is clear, the edges and corners are full and crisp; there are no defects such as peeling, paint peeling, and scratching.
(3) Electroplating parts, the surface quality of blackened parts is good, and there are no defects such as bumps, peeling, falling meat, and face.
(4) The metal sign is firmly riveted, flat, and has no floating phenomenon; the position of the self-adhesive label is correct and the fit is strict
(5) dense, sharp corners are neither bald nor warped.

Note: Accuracy data refers to 4025 specification

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