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How to Choose Universal CNC lathe and CNC Swiss Type Lathe machine?

CNC Swiss Type Lathes and Universal CNC lathes are important equipment in the field of precision machining and are the best choice for turning processing. The following is explained in detail by an engineer from Shanghai ANTISHICNC engineers:

Name Picture Difference Advantage
Universal CNC lathe Universal CNC lathe move the tool (that is, during processing, the front end of the spindle clamps the material, extends the length of the part to be processed at one time, and the tool moves). At the same time, the spindle chuck can clamp bar and disc-shaped parts. 1. Suitable for processing various shapes of holes, cams, gears, spirals, spheres, discs, bars, etc.
2. Suitable for large parts
3. Accuracy (0.01ºmm)
4. Processing speed (150-2500rpm)
5. Continuous feeding processing and single-piece clamping processing are possible
CNC Swiss Type Lathe CNC Swiss Type Lathe is a material movement (that is, during processing, the front end of the spindle clamps the material and moves it forward and backward, and the tool part can only move left and right, up and down). The centering machine can make infinitely long parts and can feed unlimited times. It is a slender axis. Processing machine tools. 1. Suitable for processing small parts such as bars
2. One-time molding
3. Accuracy (0.001ºmm)
4. Low scrap rate and large batch size
5. The diameter generally does not exceed 32mm
6. High processing speed (up to 12000 rpm)
7. It is a small independent production line with low labor costs.

Shanghai ANTISHICNC can provide timely technical support, training and spare parts supply. We only produce high quality Universal CNC lathes and CNC Swiss Type Lathe !

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