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How to explain your demands to suppliers efficently for choosing centerless grinding machine

When we want to purchase a suitable centerless grinder, we are faced with precious time, how should we express your needs to the supplier efficiently? Today we take a centerless grinder as an example. What details do suppliers want to know most?

FX-12CNC High Precision Centerless Grinder

First of all, we need to clarify whether we need a manual centerless grinder or a CNC centerless grinder.

Secondly, we must clearly inform the supplier of the workpiece diameter range, the maximum length of the workpiece, the workpiece material, the workpiece hardness, the machining accuracy requirements, and the grinding allowance. If there are drawings, we need to completely mark the parts we need to grind on the drawings. It is best to mark the positions to be ground in color, mark the tolerance requirements, and the smoothness requirements.

If we don’t have any drawings, the supplier must be informed whether a through grinding process or a plunge grinding process is required, the specific diameter of the workpiece, and the number of additional knives that need to be configured.

Drawing example 1:

The drawings do not mark the tolerance requirements and the parts that need to be ground are not marked, which increases the time cost of back-and-forth communication.


Drawing example 2:

The drawings clearly mark the locations that need to be ground, tolerance requirements, roughness requirements, and detailed data markings, which can save communication time between both parties and quickly allow the supplier to recommend a suitable machine.

Shanghai ANTISHICNC company has centerless grinders of various sizes, ranging from medical guide wires to large workpieces of hundreds of millimeters, manual centerless grinders, CNC centerless grinders, everything you need. In order to save communication time between both parties, we hope that customers can clearly express the detailed requirements for centerless grinders. We hope that our professional engineers can answer your various questions in a timely and efficient manner. If you have any needs for centerless grinders, please feel free to contact our sales engineers.

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