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How to solve the problem of sawing off the band saw

1) Install the saw blade correctly: loosen the locking screw, tighten the saw blade clockwise (only with your hands, not with the lever), and tighten the saw blade (the saw blade is pulled too loosely, or it may fall off), and then tighten the two M10 The sawing machine can only be started after the screws.

2)If the saw blade is dropped at one end of the tensioning wheel, it may be that the two M10 screws for locking (must be tightened) have not been tightened. After tightening, the saw will be off. You can push the top wire and then tighten it.

3) If the driving wheel (below the worm gear box) is cut off after inspection, the bearing on the worm gear shaft may be broken, and the bearing should be replaced. The method of replacing the bearing is: first loosen the M6 ​​screw and pressure pad that compress the saw blade wheel, use three M10 long screws to top off the saw blade wheel, remove the bearing gland under the worm gear box, and then open the upper cover of the worm gear box. , Loosen the M6 ​​screw and pressure pad on the copper worm wheel, use a rod smaller than the diameter of the worm wheel shaft to eject the worm wheel shaft from the center of the copper wheel, replace the two 205 bearings on the worm wheel, and install it back. If the bearing is not broken, you can only loosen the four hexagonal screws under the worm gear box to connect the worm gear box, so that the worm gear box and the saw bow body are separated from the 3-5mm gap, and use jack wires or cushions to raise the two under the worm gear box near the end of the motor. Where the corners are connected to the saw bow body, only the top height is 1-2mm. If the top is too much, it is easy to climb the saw and damage the saw blade. In normal use, the back of the saw blade should be a little bit away from the high platform of the saw wheel (about 3-5MM)

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