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JYP290VF/JYP300VF Drill and Mill Lathe

Equipment Introduction

JYP series turning, drilling and milling is very convenient in the process of use and operation. The overall processing strength of the supporting equipment is relatively high, and the processing efficiency is also high. It can improve work efficiency in a short time, and can also be used in a certain The cost is greatly controlled in the scope, and at the same time, the waste of resources can be avoided. The functionality is relatively complete, and it can achieve the purpose of automatic production when processing parts. At the same time, it can process various precision parts and meet the needs of different body processing. JYP series turning, drilling and milling machine tools give us Brings a better functional experience.

Technical Parameter

Distance between centers 700 mm 750MM
Swing over bed 280 mm 300MM
Swing over cross slide 180 mm 175MM
Spindle bore 38 mm 38MM
Taper of spindle bore MT5 MT5
Gear shift DC stepless speed change / frequency conversion speed regulation Stepless speed regulation (brushless motor)
Taper of spindle bore 50-1800 rpm 30-3000rpm
Turning Inch Thread Range 0.2-3.5MM 18 type 8- 56 1/n”
Turning Metric Thread Range 8- 56TPI 21 type 0.2-3.5MM
Large pallet cutting speed 0.02-0.28 mm/r  0.017-0.12mm/r
Middle carriage cutting speed 0.07-0.40 mm/r 0.07-0.65mm/r
Middle carriage stroke 140 mm 140 mm
Tailstock sleeve stroke 94 mm  94MM
Tailstock taper MT3 MT3
Packing size 1400X750X1010 mm 1400X750X1010mm
Net weight 280/321 kg 320KG/360KG
Mill & drill
Maximum drilling capacity 20 mm 25MM
Maximum end milling capacity 16 mm 16 mm
Maximum face milling capacity 63mm  63MM
Spindle stroke 50 mm 50MM
T-slot width 10 mm 10MM
Spindle speed 50-2250 RPM 50-2250rpm
Motor Power 0.6 KW 1.5kw



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