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MC425H Metal Circular Saw Machine

Product Details
This model is a new type of semi-automatic pipe cutting equipment developed by Shanghai ANTISHI absorbing international advanced technology and combining with the needs of the domestic market. It can saw metal materials such as ordinary steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials with various cross-sectional shapes. When sawing, the work piece is manually put into the jaws, and the rest of the work pieces are clamped, the knife is advanced for sawing, the knife is retracted after cutting, and the clamp is released automatically. This machine has the characteristics of small size, easy operation, low noise, no dust pollution, good sawing quality, no burrs inside and outside the cut, and high production efficiency. It is the most ideal sawing machine tool with the fastest work efficiency for metal pipe cutting and processing, and is favored and praised by the majority of users.

The machine is beautiful and compact, easy to operate, low noise, no dust pollution, good sawing quality, no burrs inside and outside the incision, and high production efficiency;
The sawing part is designed to be tight to ensure the maximum utilization of the saw blade;
Using single-chip microcomputer control, easy to operate;
The use of mobile foot switches makes the operation more convenient;
4-axis full gear transmission is used in the gearbox, which greatly increases the torque of the main shaft;
Vertical slide-way type, hard rail as vertical guide rail;

Name Specifications
Operating Voltage Main line 380V, control voltage 110V
Main motor attack rate 2.8/3.6KW star/delta (saw blade speed 35/70r/min)
Operating system Microcomputer
Cooling pump motor attack rate 40W
Oil pump motor attack rate 0.75KW
Oil pump displacement 20L
Hydraulic rated working pressure 7Mpa
Clamp cylinder stroke. 10
Clamp maximum opening 150mm
Applicable saw blade Saw blade :450/400/350/315
Transmission structure Gear, four-axis transmission

Max. Sawing capacity

Work piece shape 90° 45° 30°
Ф140 Ф120 Ф100
120*120 100*100 80*80
120*120 100*100 80*80
Ф50 Ф40 Ф30
35*35 30*30 25*25

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