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Q10 TCT Saw Blade Sharpener Grinding Machine

Production Introduction

Easy to operate and learn,a novice user can become a specialist in a short time.

According to the different requirements of the grinding to change the cutting angle, tooth shape and tooth depth.

Can easily ground out a sharp blade.

Grinding saw blade material:HSS saw blade,Mn saw blade.

It can grind the saw blade diameter from 60-350 MM.

It can grind different type of tooth.(left and right alternating teeth,cross teeth and up and down teeth)

According to different cutting requirements ,it can adjust the blade grinding time quickly.

The head can be swan up or down at any angle,it can grind the chamfer without changing the grinding wheel.

The mechanical feed pawl end is welded tungsten carbide piece, it can reduce wear and tear: with the improved design,

The pushing arm can feed accurately.

With rigorous production control,the machine only need routine maintenance to ensure precision grinding.


This machine is a new type of multi-purpose grinding equipment for saw blades with different tooth shapes (such as cross teeth, alternating left and right staggered teeth). It is suitable for the grinding of variable-tooth saw blades, so that the old saw blades can be reused and the waste of resources can be reduced.

No clamping, simple operation, convenient adjustment, economical and reliable, greatly improved efficiency, suitable for batch processing parts enterprises.

We have many carbide tools and diamond wheels work well on common tool grinders. The diamond grinding wheel plus oil coolant can improve the roughness after grinding and also improve the processing efficiency.

No need to add a guide template for grinding, you can directly adjust the tooth grinding. 35 type wide wing guide rail, good stability;

Model number Q10
Saw Blade Diameter 60–350mm
Speed 4800rpm
Grinding Wheel Diameter 50mm
Power 250w
Dimension 620×550×440 mm
Weight 56.5kg

Standard Equipment


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