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Solutions to the high temperature of the band sawing machine motor

1.The dangers of excessive temperature of the band sawing machine motor

(1)The overheating of the motor of the band sawing machine is very detrimental to the insulation of the motor, which will accelerate the aging of the insulation and shorten the service life of the motor

(2)Various accidents may occur due to insulation damage.

The motor of the vertical band sawing machine is overheated, and it is necessary to carry out fault inspection, detection, and take corresponding protective measures.

(1)Adjust the voltage: When the voltage exceeds or is lower than the allowable value of the rated voltage of the sawing machine motor, it is easy to heat up under the rated load, causing the temperature to rise, and the three-phase power supply voltage is unbalanced between phases, causing the motor to generate additional heat.

(2)Reduce the number of starts: the motor temperature is too high caused by too frequent starts.

(3)Check and correct the external wiring of the motor: the external wiring of the motor is wrong, which will cause the temperature to be too high.

(4)Check the equipment and eliminate the overload caused by the mechanical failure: the vertical band saw needs a large force to cut the material, and the power of the motor is small, so that the load will be too large, and the load needs to be reduced or a high-power motor needs to be replaced.

(5)Improve ventilation and cooling conditions, or replace the motor with a higher thermal rating:Poor ventilation and cooling conditions can cause the ambient temperature to be too high, causing the band saw motor to overheat.

(6)Need to check bearings, stator, rotor, motor air ducts and fan problems: The bearing of the band saw is damaged or worn too much, the stator and rotor are poorly assembled, the air duct of the motor is blocked, the dust inside and outside the motor, too much oil, or there is a problem with the motor fan, which will cause the motor temperature to be too high.

(7)Check the inter-turn or inter-phase condition of the stator winding, and check the rotor condition at the same time:The inter-turn or inter-phase short circuit of the stator winding and grounding will cause the current to increase, the regulation loss to increase and overheating. When the fault is not serious, it is only necessary to re-pack the insulation, but when it is serious, the winding needs to be replace.

When the one-phase winding of the stator is disconnected or a branch line in the parallel winding is disconnected, the three-phase current is unbalanced and the winding is overheated, then the three-phase current should be checked, and the power should be removed immediately, the disconnection point should be found and reconnected.

If the cage rotor is broken or the coil joint of the winding rotor is loose, it will cause excessive current in the maintenance network and generate heat. The copper bar rotor can be repaired or replaced by welding. For the cast aluminum rotor, the new rotor should be replaced directly.

(9)Check whether the number of turns of the motor coil or a certain pole, phase, or group wiring is wrong:After the overhaul of the vertical band saw motor, the coil may have the wrong number of turns, or a certain pole, phase, and group wiring may be wrong, it can measure the three-phase current of the motor and the nameplate, or its own three-phase current, and compare and find problems,after the motor is overhauled, the wire cross-section is smaller than the original cross-section, and the load should be reduced or the wire set should be replaced.

There may be other reasons for the heating of the band sawing machine motor. We should use the motor correctly in strict accordance with the operating procedures, maintain the motor correctly, keep the surface of the motor clean, the current does not exceed the rated value, the vibration value is kept within the range, and the running sound is normal, the bearings are properly maintained, etc., thereby extending the life of the saw machine motor.

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