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The Difference Between a Band Saw and a Circular Saw

Metal band sawing machines now play an important role in current industrial processing. ANTISHI is mainly a powerful manufacturer of band sawing machines and circular sawing machines. The customized band sawing machines, CNC band sawing machines, and high-speed band sawing machines currently produced have stable performance and have won many domestic and foreign customers. ‘s purchase.

Generally speaking, a band sawing machine uses a ring-shaped endless band saw blade as a sawing tool, which continuously moves around two saw wheels to saw metal workpieces; while a circular sawing machine uses a saw blade as a sawing tool. For sawing metal and non-metal. Purchasing companies should choose a band saw or a circular saw according to the material they are sawing. Band sawing machines are widely used in the metal industry, and there are many models and models. According to the structure, they are divided into horizontal band sawing machines and vertical band sawing machines. It is manual type and automatic type; according to the cutting angle requirements, it is divided into angle sawing machine (can sawing angle of 0^60 degrees) without angle, that is, 90 degree vertical cutting.

Circular saws generally belong to hydraulic circular saws. The vertical slideway moves up and down the knife, the feeding structure is firm, the action is precise and accurate, and the floating material seat does not hurt the surface of the workpiece. The circular saw saw common metals: copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Band sawing machine is mainly composed of bed, saw wheel, upper saw wheel lifting and tilting device, band saw blade tensioning device, saw blade guide device, worktable, guide plate, etc.; the band sawing machine bed is welded by cast iron or steel plate. The saw wheel is divided into a spoke-type upper saw wheel and a panel-type lower saw wheel; the lower saw wheel is a driving wheel, and the upper saw wheel is a driven wheel. The weight of the upper saw wheel should be 2.5~ ~5 times lighter than that of the lower saw.

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