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Vertical Metal cutting vertical band saw machine

Features :

1. Vertical cutting band saw can make various kinds of cutting such as beveling,shaping ,contour,slicing etc.

2. Work table can be swiveled.

3. Blade installing earily and can be reused after sharpening.

4. With variable speed can cutting various materials such as metal, plastic, wood rubber.

5. Servo motor is optional.

6. Variable blade speed by programming inverter.

7. Table tilted 45°.

8. Blade guard height adjustable.

9. Working light.

10. Table gauge available.

Maxmum cutting capacity for height
285mm (11.2″)
Maxmum cutting capacity for width
400mm (15.7″)
Table size
550*600mm (21.7″ * 23.6″)
Blade speed (50Hz)
0 ~ 1400rpm
Blade length
Blade width
Table tilt
R-45°, L-15°
Main motor / Grinde motor
1.5KW (2HP), 0.09KW (1/8HP)
Eletric welder
Packing size

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