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What is the function of the inverter in the CNC lathe?

The plane of the two guide rails of the CNC lathe is parallel to the ground plane. The plane of the two guide rails of the CNC lathe with inclined bed intersects with the ground plane, forming an inclined plane with angles of 30°, 45°, 60°, and 75°. From the side of the machine tool, the bed of the flat bed CNC lathe is square, and the bed of the inclined bed CNC lathe is a right triangle. In the case of the same guide rail width, the X-direction carriage of the inclined bed is longer than that of the flat bed, and the practical significance of applying it to the lathe is that more tool positions can be arranged.

The transmission screw of the CNC lathe is a high-precision ball screw. The transmission gap between the screw and the nut is very small, but it does not mean that there is no gap, but as long as there is a gap, when the screw moves in one direction, it is driven in the opposite direction. When there is a backlash, it will inevitably generate backlash, which will affect the repeated positioning accuracy of the CNC lathe, thereby affecting the machining accuracy.

The CNC lathe is further equipped with a milling power head, an automatic feeding machine or a manipulator, automatic feeding, all chip cutting processes are completed in one clamping, automatic cutting, automatic chip removal, and it becomes an automatic CNC lathe with high work efficiency.

The inverter is an important component in the CNC industry. In the CNC lathe, the inverter must be aligned with the direction of the motor. When using CNC, it must be ensured that the motor is rotating in the correct direction. The wrong direction will cause damage to the CNC tool holder.

The application of frequency converter in CNC lathe industry includes two categories:

First, CNC machine tools, including CNC lathes, CNC milling and boring machines, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC drilling machines, high-speed copy milling machines, laser cutting machines, quality centering machines and various CNC special machine tools and CNC tool holders, etc.;

The second is ordinary machine tools, including ordinary lathes, radial drilling machines, horizontal boring machines, multi-axis automatic lathes, and various ordinary special-purpose and accessories.

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